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Andrea Electronics SG-100 Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone

Price: $44.95
Item Number: sg-100
Manufacturer: Andrea Electronics

The Andrea Electronics SG-100 unidirectional Shotgun microphone offers the highest quality and performance available in a low priced single element microphone.

This compact product offers the perfect balance of microphone sensitivity and directional reception in a small package. Perfect for mobile recording applications such as; Court room recording, meeting room recordings, Lecture recording, or for use with VOIP communication and video conferencing PC applications.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced microphone sensitivity for far-field sound reception
  • Highly directional polar response
  • Angling base for direction pointing
  • Sleek acoustic design
  • Small size for ease of portability
  • 40 Inch Shielded Cable
  • 3.5 mm plug


  • Compatible with most major digital recording devices, computers and laptops.
  • Compatible with Andrea's PureAudio® USB-SA Digital Audio Adapter.
  • The USB-SA includes Andrea's Audio Commander software suite, with PureAudio® digital noise reduction for clean noise free recording, digital mic boost and EchoStop for full-duplex speaker phone functionality for use with VoIP communication applications.
  • Andrea USB-SA needed for Mac input (no filters)