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Microcassette Recorders & Transcribers

If you work in a field that requires dictation and transcription, then you need to have the best dictation equipment you can find. A good microcassette transcriber will clearly tape information and play it back as needed, allowing users to easily record something and listen to it again later, in a different time and place, for transcribing purposes. Because microcassette recorders are small and portable, they allow easy transfer of information from one place to another, and can be used in a variety of convenient locations. Additionally, a cassette tape eraser is a useful accessory to have for anyone who works with microcassette recorders, as they allow you to delete the contents of a tape and reuse it without wearing out the recording device over time.

The dictation equipment products from include both a microcassette transcriber (with or without an included microphone) and a tape eraser. Click on the “More Info” button beneath each product to see more details about the individual products, or hit “Add to Cart” to begin the easy online-ordering process. We offer fast shipping rates if you need the equipment right away and round-the-clock technical service should you have any questions for us.

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Grundig 3110D Dictator/Transcriber
Price: $575.00
Grundig 3110D Dictator/Transcriber
The Grundig DT 3110 coupled together with the 756 FX microphone represents the ideal dictation machine! It can also be used for conference recordings. Just add a foot control and headphones and the Grundig DT 3110 is the perfect transcription machine!
Grundig 3110T Transcriber
Price: $540.00
Grundig 3110T Transcriber
Just add a foot control and headphones and the Grundig DT 3110 is the perfect transcription machine! The LCD panel shows the tape counter function, which matches the counting speed of the handheld recorder.
Mini/Micro Cassette Tape Eraser
Price: $14.99
Mini/Micro Cassette Tape Eraser
The Mini/Micro Cassette Tape Eraser erases audio tapes completely and conveniently saving wear and tear on your dictation or transcription equipment.