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Make dictations directly into your PC or download dictations from a recorder with you use VoiceDoc, the exceptional voice dictation software from When you choose this option from our array of dictation systems, you’ll be able to efficiently make simple voice dictation files on your computer using either a standard microphone or one of our slideswitch microphones made to be used with this program.

The interface for this voice dictation software is incredibly easy to use! It features simple buttons and provides you with the opportunity to edit and revise each voice dictation that is recorded. Once the dictation has been completed, you can compress the file. This allows you to simply transfer it to the transcriptionist’s PC. Check out VoiceDoc today when you are looking for new dictation systems to use in your office. We are confident that you’ll love using this great software for your dictation needs.

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VoiceDoc®, the dictator's half of VoiceWare™, allows anyone to dictate either directly to a computer PC using a microphone, or by downloading from a cassette recorder or via a digital handheld recording device.