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Are you interested in investing in new medical transcription software? offers VoiceScribe, the voice transcription software of our VoiceWare suite. This voice dictation program is the new standard in medical transcription workstations. Using it, you can transcribe work that has been dictated into a dictation machine, a PC using VoiceDoc, a handheld digital recording device from Olympus, or a variety of other computerized patient record systems.

When using this medical transcription software, your transcriber will have full foot pedal control of the playback. This system is exceptional in the fact that it reduces rerecord time and puts an end to the nuisance of handling tapes. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to install onto your PC and features easy to navigate interfaces that you won’t find in other voice dictation programs. Read more about VoiceScribe and discover why this is the right voice transcription software for your needs. We are confident that you’ll love using this program.

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VoiceScribe™, the transcription half of VoiceWare™, is the new standard in medical transcription work station.